History of Republic of San Marino  

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San Marino


          The XIII century: San Marino becomes “commune". In 1243 the first consules                                                                                        Previous Next

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Along the Marecchia river valley, people who build walls of roughly hewed stones along the mountain tops to protect themselves from the marauding bands of soldiers and criminals. These walls, strengthen the determination to go it alone.

Maiolo, Talamello, each for itself each with its own colours.


Almost immediately, these wall are breached by rampant armies, but not the Titanos. Here the quieter fortress holds out, and men take turns in governing the community with the conscienciousness and regularity of a religious undertaking of a compact made in the saint’s chapel.


On the Titano the population grows. The votive chapel becomes a church, the main parish church and the meeting place for local villages.

The Guaita fortress offers them all safety and the church religious comfort and at the same time the old ideas freedom handed down by Marinus.


Over the next two centuries these convictions unite and consolidate the entire parish and bind it to the mountain.

Besides that of the bishop, a deed dated 1243 also shows the names of the community representatives- Filippo da Sterpeto and Oddone di Scarito. Consuls, today called captains regent.

The people have given themselves a set of rules, the statutes, a structure: the commune. But they are still under the feudal authority of the bishop of San Leo.


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Beatus Marinus


Consules  1243


Malatesta Montefeltro Albornoz




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