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San Marino


      The XIV century: San Marino, between Guefs and Guibellines, frees itself from its feudal bonds                                                                             Previous    Next  

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All around the rest of the world is at war of Guelfs against the Ghibellines. Rimini is in the hands of Guelfs allies of the Pope and led by the house of Malatesta. At Urbino the Montefeltro had the Ghibellines,  allies of the emperor. San Marino is in the middle. Though a commune it sides with Montefeltro to be rid of the bishop. A goal achieved only a century later, when the popes go to Avignon.

First of all the bishop’s residence inside the walls is confiscated, subsequently the community refuses to acknowledge him as judge, finally his right to collect taxes is disputed.

Finally in 1351 Bishop Peruzzi defeated by the Ghibellines loses San Leo too. He has no place to go. The people of San Marino offer him a home as long as he signs a document freeing them all from their feudal bonds.

Cardinals Albornoz and Anglico try to bring the situation back under control of the church. San Marino is left to its own devices, a small pawn in a complicated game being played out between the great families of Malatesta and Montefeltro.

From stronghold to stronghold the Montefeltros descend the valleys with their banners flying. The Malatesta do the same thing but in the opposite direction.

San Leo, Maiolo, Talamello, … change hands again and again. Not San Marino.     




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Consules  1243


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