History of Republic of San Marino  

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San Marino


  The XVI century: attempts by Fabiano da Monte and Lionello Pio 

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Boutros Boutros-Ghali

But San Marino is not out of danger yet. Now the threat comes from Romagna where the nephews and relations of the cardinals raise armies to attack. In 1543 from Rimini and Santarcangelo, in 1549 from Verucchio.

Faced with these new perils San Marino strengthens its walls and then asks Urbino for help. This time it demands a written commitment made publicly so that all will know.

For 4 centuries San Marino has been protected by Urbino. Some even consider it a part of that duchy.

In the early 17th century the duchy of Urbino is near its end. The Duke is old and without an heir, which means his possessions will pass to the church. San Marino too, looks done for.

The painter Mingucci of Pesaro shares this opinion and he depicts the country for the Pope in a watercolour drawing showing all the major features and much detail. He lists it among the possessions of the duchy.

He is wrong. San Marino has been quick to act. As early as 1603 it has sent a petition directly to the Pope asking him for his immediate protection, to be agreed in writing in place of that of Urbino, if and when the duchy disappears.



30 years later in 1631 the duke dies. Rome keeps its promise: Urbino and the rest of the duchy goes to the church, but not San Marino.


Of the many, only its flag remains flying.







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