History of Republic of San Marino  

From the video Nemini teneri, which means Do not depend on anyone

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San Marino


The XVIII century: Napoleon protects San Marino and turns it into a State

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Boutros Boutros-Ghali

The world is ripe for revolt and the Republic of San Marino appears to have already set the fashion.

Napoleon shares the same opinion. When his armies sweep through Italy like an earthquake in 1797, he stops before San Marino to praise it  as a model of republican liberty. He even makes offers of territorial expansion- a corridor to the sea. San Marino cautiously declines.

Napoleon overwhelms Europe. Everywhere taking what he fancies.

He changes and subverts the political geography of the time.

All the ancient republics, Lucca, Genova, Venice are suppressed but not San Marino. San Marino is the exception. San Marino remains and it remains as a republic. Even when contrary to the ideals of the revolution, Napoleon decides to place a crown on his own head.

For San Marino, Napoleon is the gentle giant. He protects the country, he spoils it with dispro-portionate offers of gifts. He lets it grow until it becomes a state in every sense of the word.

The state that takes its place among the other nations of the world, exchanges ambassadors and signs treaties. For the very first time “Nemini teneri” enjoys the recognition of peoples and nations.

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