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Politic | Ambassador of San Marino, Monaco, revoked

Luciano Cardelli, revoked his nomination as ambassador to Marino Monaco.

The decision of the State Congress is due to the resignation of the diplomat in June last year, after the arrests placed under investigation for money laundering Florentine saw him involved, albeit marginal, along with his son Lorenzo, which vertices of financial Fininternational Spa

In that event, the Cardelli still awaiting the outcome, even if you say, through their lawyer, confident. "We have not received the notice of closure surveys, but the elements allow us to be confident and to think about archiving.

House arrest, were actually flash. After the interrogation of security, the Cardelli asked for provisional release, the request given by the investigating magistrate in a single hour. But Luciano Cardelli, however, would resign as ambassador.

The Congress responded immediately, saying the temporary suspension from office on the will of the diplomat. Now, with the resolution number 6 on 14 March last year, but reached the final withdrawal.

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