San Marino, Cis sale. ‘In the race the Bank of San Marino’

For the San Marino bank could be controlled by Harim, at this point, only a matter of a few months for the change of hands. The purchase proposals to the commissioners arrived Carollo and Sora, in recent months have been different. So much so that the two of Harim, the Administrators have also put pen to paper in the report, talking about real “expressions of interest for the purchase of the entire investment bank.”
Which now also offers the Foundation deems interesting. “We have always been against, in effect, to give cis-Pasquinelli remember – we had no intention of selling, even if they are, and remain convinced that the police Harim was only because the owner of the Industrial Credit sammarinese.Ma there are now, for the CIS. They are offering that we, as Commissioners, we believe appropriate.
May be the same Carollo and Sora to dispose of the institute, if the negotiations come to fruition soon, otherwise sell the CIS will think the new leadership of the bank. “In the race for the CIS has been mainly a couple of banks in San Marino, among which there is also the Bank of San Marino. But, the rumors that leaked, there are also some Italian banking groups are interested in purchasing.


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