Alessandro Rossi in Ukraine for the OSCE

Alessandro Rossi in Ukraine for the OSCE

Alessandro Rossi, councillor of Sinistra Unita and member of the San Marino Council Delegation at the Parliamentary Assembly of the OSCE, will take part in the Observation Mission of the presidential elections, that will be held in Ukraine on 17 January. Rossi is one observer of the delegation that is going to monitor Crimea.
During the mission, he will work in contact with the observers sent by the European Parliament, the Council of Europe, NATO and the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR), which established on place, the basis of a long-term mission.
Monitoring groups will have the opportunity to meet candidates to the Ukrainian presidency, some Electoral Commission representatives, media, and non-government organizations..
The importance of these elections is underlined by the presence of the President of the Parliamentary Assembly of OSCE, Joao Soares, who will guide the Mission in Kiev.


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