Arts guide: exhibits in Italy

Rome, March 14 – The following is a city-by-city guide to some of Italy’s top art exhibitions: ALESSANDRIA – Palazzo Monferrato: Le Corbusier, Drawings and Sketches; Italy’s first look at the lesser-known side of the great architect (1887-1965); until March 30.

BRESCIA – Museo di Santa Giulia: America! Painting Stories from the New World; 250 works by the 19th-century artists who celebrated the grandeur of the American landscape and life in the West, including Edwin Church, Frederic Remington and Charles Russell; until May

COMO – Villa Olmo: The Embrace of Vienna, 80 works from the Austrian city’s Belvedere Museum including six Klimts and six Schieles; until July 20.

FERRARA – Palazzo dei Diamanti: Joan Miro’: The Earth, 80 works in Italy’s first retrospective in 25 years; until May 25.

FLORENCE – Palazzo Strozzi: 200 works of the long ‘Chinese renaissance’ from the Han to Tang dynasties (25-907 AD), many on show for the first time in Europe; until June 8.

– Palazzo Pitti: Another Beauty; 40 works by 17th- century Florentine painter Francesco Furini; to April 26.

– Casa Buonarroti: Michelangelo’s Face, 16th-18th century images of an artist who sat for very few portraits; April 22-July 30.


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