San Marino. Even in the courts Bank of Titan

San Marino. Even in the courts Bank of Titan

Today a new hearing at the Court of the Republic of San Marino for the ‘false’ process which sees the former Bank of Titan in the dock, among others, the director of the Institute, dr. Adriano Pace.


Process ‘false’ because it can not be even considered the subrogation of the real one that should lead to the recovery of the entire sum paid by the State to cover the shortfall recorded in the bank’s balance sheet.


Sum equivalent to at least 500 euro per person taken from the pockets of San Marino for each decision of the first government post in June 2006.


All the political forces, even those who are shouting – or pretend to scream? – Against the unfairness of the budget bill just passed, ignore or pretend to ignore the way suggested by the lawyer. Alvaro Selva to get that recovery. And in fact, continue to protect the robbers of finance that have destroyed the country.


In fact, they are complicit as they continue to give effect to the immunity from prosecution provided to the leaders of the non compliance with the mediation of the Central Bank.


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