Tax free zones? In San Marino no. It is in Milan.

Tax free zones? In San Marino no. It is in Milan.

Corriere della Sera headline: Tremonti-Moratti: Agreement on taxes “light.” “In Milan, a tax free zone ‘/’ testing facilities for investors.” The Pd: only election campaign

Tax free zones under the Virgin Mary. For businesses that invest and help to revive the economy and promote employment. A year ago it was an idea. Today is a project. The Minister Giulio Tremonti, speaking yesterday at the Exhibition at the Bocconi University of savings, announced today that Milan could do to test for the application of tax regimes style and Ireland that “the draft of the order is ready.”

Milan such as Ireland. But also “Milan as London, ‘says Letizia Moratti. “We could aim to achieve recognition for the metropolitan area of ​​Milan is a kind of tax free zones on the London model, which has given great results to the British capital.”

The intent is clear: to attract new businesses, banks, international investment. “The minister – said the mayor – Milan is the financial center seemed more just to experience this concept of tax free zones. Before it was an idea. Now, thanks to Tremonti, has become a political project, and then today (yesterday by the reader, ed) I officially entered in my program. “

Here it is, the basic idea of ​​the Minister of Economy: ‘Apply for tax systems of other countries – he said – Legislative shopping: If something is good elsewhere, maybe it is here.


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