San Marino. Continued examination of the International Monetary Fund

Continued examination of the economic situation of the Republic of San Marino by the experts of the International Monetary Fund.


Among other things, he spoke yesterday at a press conference held on behalf of the Government, the Secretaries of State for Finance, Pasquale Valentini, and Industry, Marco Arzilli.

“The inspectors – and refer Valentini Arzilli – noted on the field as we have already announced the meeting in Washington in October. They had a keen eye on the pension fund, the budget, the reforms in the pipeline. The attention is greatest. For us as a stimulus to a maturation process, not only economic but also administrative.

A tempting opportunity to deal with the parameters used to much larger reality of our own. “


This will lead to a maturation not only economic but also administrative.

The mission of the inspectors will close Friday, ten days full of appointments for the team led by economist Israeli Natan Epstein called upon to assess the health of the economy of Titan.

There were talks on the autonomy of central banks and supervisory bodies and the impact that the tax shelter has had on the economy of San Marino.




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