Slot Machine on the flag of San Marino

Slot Machine on the flag of San Marino

There was a time when the identity of San Marino was represented by a 500-euro ticket, as this should become the new flag of the Republic of San Marino.

Now things have changed. Some people propose, from the Republic itself, to put the flag in the image of a ‘slot machine ‘, that is typical of the slot machines of the places where you can practice the game of ‘electronic gambling.

We read about La Tribuna Sammarinese: “The tourism sector is very strong in difficulties for years and now due to the severe economic crisis and the stalemate in relations between Italy and San Marino are likely to see an industry that in the past has given so much to the country and could still give a lot to go bankrupt – explains Roberto Casadei (ECSO) – We do not understand what is expected then to proceed with the granting of the installation of slots at the hotel at 3 and 4 stars. Obviously you need to create clear and strict rules to ensure that the sector is controlled.

The slot may be granted by the Titan Games and every hotel should have certain characteristics and suitable space to accommodate the machines. All stakeholders agree to proceed with this initiative and the flow of tourists would have a significant increase – said Casadei – The state would gain in economic terms. We ask a tourist who comes to San Marino in the winter what is in the country? “


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