The International Monetary Fund will test San Marino

The International Monetary Fund will test San Marino

San Marino is being considered by the International Monetary Fund from tomorrow.

Il Resto del Carlino headline: The delegation will arrive tomorrow / Commissioners of the International Monetary Fund puts the Titan under the magnifying glass

The commissioners of the International Monetary Fund to arrive tomorrow and San Marino is another test whose outcome must necessarily be positive.

The delegation will land on Titan for about ten days, during which experts from Washington to evaluate what was actually implemented in the economic and financial environment.

From words to action: It will not be easy for a country such as Italy and the world at large, has left behind a very difficult year from a point of view of public finances and employment.

Under the magnifying glass of Commissioners keeping the financial system (remember that the collection of money has declined significantly in 2010, while the tax shelter has drained nearly 5 billion euro) and the new leadership of the main body of Banking Supervision of the Republic, Central Bank, which will be ‘under observation ‘.


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