CRSM vs BARCLAYS. San Marino strikes with hard punches the city of London

Like a fighter, the ancient republic does an attack with the decision of a international legal act, versus one of the biggest banks of the world, The English of Barclays. The unusual boxer is the Cassa di Risparmio of San Marino, historical institute of the Titano Mount.


George Leggat, advocate of the san marino’s bank, has explained in front of the judge Hamblem, the seven point against the Barclays institute.


In particular, one of the sins of Barclays would be the selling to Cassa di Risparmio of bank products with false ratings.


In other word, a real scam.


The Cassa di Risparmio claims an amount of damages calculated in 92 million of euro.


The fact is historical, because this is the most important cause of all times, between a bank of San Marino versus another European bank.


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