San Marino asks IMF (International Monetary Found) to help against Tremonti

San Marino asks IMF (International Monetary Found) to help against Tremonti

The Republic of San Marino, would take advantage of the presence of experts from the International Monetary Fund for help to that organization in order to overcome the isolation in which it was expelled by Italian Economy Minister Giulio Tremonti.

So from an article by Gian Maria Fuiano of Il Resto del Carlino: The appeal. Pier Paolo Fabbri, President of San Marino banks / ‘The Commissioners of the Fund will help us to lift the embargo’

All too clear Pier Paolo Fabbri Assobank president of the Association of Banks of San Marino: ‘It’s time to start bringing home something. “

Exactly what, president? “A response which would take away from the appalling situation where we are. The experts of the Fund have asked and I got satisfactory answers on the outlook, the growth potential of the opportunities that our system is facing. “

A list of virtues that San Marino has the international market, where well-accepted international orbit.

To join the circle of respectability and financial credit is not easy.

San Marino’s financial system had come to count – the last in 2009 – 72 ‘authorized persons’ twelve sixty banks and financial trusts, management companies, insurance companies.




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