The money of Islamic terrorism and the passage from San Marino

San Marino: Camorra and Islamic terrorism / The “dangerous liaisons of Karnak lead investigators in the palaces of the Roman political
It all started from the controls of a detective agency in San Marino, the IOC to Vargiu Saviour, who was in charge of the dossier of Bianchini Italian competitors of the company (including the Italian Ferdinando Errebian yields) and to ensure the personal safety of Gabriele Gatti, a former finance minister and currently Captain Regent of the Titan. Rimini Vargiu magistrates gave the names of some of the account holders of Fingestus. The suspicions of the investigators have focused initially on some subjects that revolve in the orbit of the bell and organized crime on a Syrian businessman who would Fingestus deposited $ 150 million. Among other things Vargiu declares that “confidential information is to be reported as a person who funds and supports Islamic terrorism.”


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