History of Republic of San Marino  

From the video Nemini teneri, which means Do not depend on anyone

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San Marino


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Boutros Boutros-Ghali

San Marino remains a free commune when senioris and principalities are all the rage in other parts. 

Sigismondo da Rimini and  Federico da Urbino reorganized their territories into small states with splendid courts where art flourishes and wealth abounds. San Marino resists against the one and the other. In fact it underscores its diversity by calling itself a republic. Republic like democracy is almost a challenge. To defend this decision another incent is raised. Then eyes open and weapons always polished and sharp the mountain men are ready to take up position of the first ring of the Guaita bell.

Of weapons in San Marino there are plenty. At the end of his 6 month term in office each regent has to present the community with a new crossbow. The Sanmarineses are good at handling weapons, they have learnt well as mercenaries during lean years when the pangs of hunger are more frequent. 

A set of snarling white teeth are clearly shown and such are those teeth that San Marino even depicts them on its seal, the visiting card of the times.

And does it growl when it feels itself observed and does it move quickly when there is something to be had. 


In 1463 the Malatesta are in difficulty alongside the Pope and Montefeltro. San Marino attacks doubling its territory all in one go.






Then the fighting stops, the opposite side puts down their arms, the Malatesta first. The cardinals arrive in Rimini.



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Beatus Marinus


Consules  1243


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 Napoleone III Garibaldi


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